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About Spine Academy Blog Mission:

It is a small dream to help in knowledge distribution, search for recent advances, play a role in patient care, problem solving & prevention, and education in the fields of neurosurgery, and spine.



About-blog data:

“The information provided on this blog is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a consultant and his postgraduate students and between patient/site visitor and his/her physician.” This academy provides medical information about the spine that could be of help to health professional, patients and everyone.

About-privacy policy:

  1. All email addresses or/and contact information, personal or medical data of comments are confidential
  2. Sharing of visitor information with third parties is prohibited and not allowed
  3. This blog does not use cookies
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This site does not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content. images

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This site does has no financial relationship with any medical industry. It is a self-dependent site. 

About Comments:
  1. All commentators are by default considered as non-medical professionals. If otherwise, it should be stated.
  2. Posts in this blog are visible to everyone .
  3. Commentators are not able to modify or erase their posts.
  4. Commentators must give references (links for ex.) to the health/medical information they provide, when it is not personal experience. What we mean by personal experience is anything the person has undergone himself/herself.
  5. Commentators must post information which are true and correct to their knowledge.
  6. Advertisement (links, banners, content, etc.) is not permitted on the platform. Only exceptions of valuable links related to the medical information provided will be permitted.
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Sept 2014

Mohamed Mohi Eldin

Professor of Neurosurgery
Cairo University

Head of Neurosurgery Department,

Naser Institute Hospital, Specialized Medical Centers, Ministry of Health & Population, Cairo, Egypt, (September 2012 till now), (


Consultant Neurosurgeon
Kasr El Aini Hospital,
Specialized Kasr El Aini Hospital,
New Educational Kasr El Aini Hospital,
Abo El Reesh Children’s Hospital and
Al Helal Hospital

Naser Institute Hospital

A member of

  • Board member of Egyptian accreditation council for assigning neurosurgery university staffs, as part of the Egyptian Universities Promotion Committees (EUPC), (March 2013 till now), (
  • Task Force Consultant at SPU, Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt.
  • Board member of the Egyptian Society of Neurological Surgeons (ESNS:,
  • Administrator & Executive Committee member of the Neurospine Group of the ESNS (,
  • Executive Committee member and the initiative of the Pan Arab Minimally Invasive Spine Society (PAMISS: and Chairman of its Scientific Committee,
  • Executive Committee member of the Middle East Spine Society (ME Spine:,
  • Member of the referee committee of the Egyptian Universities Promotion Committees (EUPC), Egyptian accreditation council for assigning Neurosurgery University staffs (2008 till now).

Member of the AO Spine (Middle East)

Member of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS)

A Referee of  

Member of the referee committee of the Egyptian Universities Promotion Committees (EUPC), (2008 till now).

Referee of Neurology India  Journal, 2005,

Member of the Editorial Board & Referee of JNRP, Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice, 2009

Referee of JBCP, Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers, 2009,

Referee of IJOrtho, Indian Journal of Orthopaedics, 2009,


Website contact details: For any questions, send an email to

14 thoughts on “The Spine Academy أكاديمية العمود الفقرى

  1. Dear Professor,

    Greetings to your initiative to start a blog related to Brain and Spine. I think that neurosciences deserve an effort concerning up-to-date knowledge in relation to everyday practice. When this effort is achieved through the academic community then one result is for sure. Success!
    I wish you the very best in this difficult task.

    Encephalos blog editor

  2. Hi, my son had a near drowning on the 9th of April 2006. Samuels brain injury caused his spine to twist and turn with severe scoliosis which crushed 1 lung and was then damaging other major organs. Because of all the dystonia, Samuel was given an intratheical baclofen pump and then soon after he had his spine rodded and fused but not fully straight as he is very osteopaenic so he gets bisphosphonates to strengthen his bones. Even through hypoxia I think there is a huge link between the brain and the spine even though others say its muscular and the brain. My son will be 7 in August 2010. Since his brain injury I have been so aware of how important that organ is and that so many people take it for granted.
    Samuels spinal xrays are very impressive, if you would like me to send you copies please let me know.
    I have started a blog called
    Jo-ann Morris

  3. i came by from yahoo, this is a great site i will be coming often.
    i’m called Cynthia Clark , currently live in the city of Clinton .glad to know you all here.

  4. I am suffering back pain right now but i haven’t undergone any check up yet but i’m hoping that it is not really a serious problem on my spine. anyway i do appreciate this site thank you.

  5. If you have problems with your back, the best thing to do is to go to a specialist who knows exactly what he is doing. Although Orthopedic doctors have the know-how when it comes to these types of surgeries, an expert who focuses on the spine and spine surgery is still your best bet.

  6. عزيزي د.محمد أرجو توضيح الفرق بين جراحة التداخل المحدود والجراحة الملاحية للعمود الفقري ؟؟

  7. I need your consultation regarding my mother problem
    She has sever spinal stenosis L4-5. And scoliosis
    All orthopedics advice for surgery as soon as possible for decompression and stabilization of spine
    Please give me your first impression and openion for her situation

  8. الدكتور الفاضل / محمد محي الدين
    كل التحيه لك على عظيم ما تقدمه للانسانيه
    أعرض حالتي عليك لعل وعسى أجد الأمل بعد الله عندك
    أنا امره ابلغ من العمر 28 سنه كنت اشعر في بداية المرض بألم في الاقدام وبعدين اشتد الالم للضهر وبعد عدة فحوصات واشعات تبين أنه ورم في العمود الفقري فقرروا لي إجراء عمليه لإنتزاع هذا الورم لكن بعد العمليه فقدت الاحساس بالاطراف السفليه ولا استطيع تحريكها تماماً
    فلما سألت الدكتور ما السبب اعترف لي انه حدث خطأ اثناء العمليه وتم تحريك الحبل الشوكي مما ادى الى شلل في الاطراف السفليه
    أتمنى أن أجد عندك إجابه لحالتي وهل هناك أمل بالعلاج
    مع العلم أني من الجمهوريه اليمنيه
    وأجد صعوبه في السفر قبل أن أتأكد من إمكانية العلاج لمثل حالتي
    كتبها نيابةً عن صاحب الحاله
    أخوها /

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